Sunday, November 16, 2014

Back-to-Basic Lip Balm (RM10)

Back-to-Basic lip balm is a humble product that created by Wisteria. Like the name suggest, it is pretty basic... It is so basic that we are not sure how to make it sound interesting.

Unscented, unflavoured, uncoloured lip balm that you can use daily. Perfect lip balm for those with sensitive skin as all the ingredients are natural. If your lips is sensitive to lipstick, lip gloss or lip stain, this lip balm works as a layer of protectant. Apply it as a base before you apply other lip products. The coconut oil and Vitamin E provide extra anti-aging benefit.

Price: RM10/each
Content: .15oz

Shea butter
Extra virgin coconut oil (certified organic)
Vitamin E

Beeswax - Work as natural protectant to prevent lip chapping during cold weather and protects lips from direct UV ray.
Shea butter - Contains Vitamin A. Natural moisturizer. Prevents fine lines appearing on the lips.
Coconut oil - Contains anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties.
Vitamin E - Contains high anti-oxidant. Prevents fine lines on the lips.

1. Prepare a double-boiler pot. Place beeswax and shea butter into the pot when the water boils.
2. When beeswax and shea butter dissolve, mix well and add the coconut oil.
3. Turn off the heat and add Vitamin E.
4. Pour the mixture into container. Wait until cool, place in fridge overnight.
5. Store in room temperature. 

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